Saturday, July 15, 2006


A Correction

I hate the BayBears promotions staff. They can't get anything right. Tonight was scheduled to be Plunger Giveaway, BUT, low and behold, it is now baseball giveaway. Cliche? Yes. I mean come on, who really cares about a promo baseball? I don't. I was actually planning to go to tonight's game to witness a truely unique giveaway item. Not anymore.


I'm not sure why you hate me - I'm really a pretty decent guy. Regarding the rest of promotions staff, they are all hard working and dedicated.

About the promotions, if you will notice on the schedule, it says that promotions are subject to change - Reading is Fundamental.

If you have promotional ideas, I'd love to hear them - we are determining what to do for next year right now - I look forward to your great suggestions.

Mike "The BayBears On-Field Guy"
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