Saturday, April 22, 2006


2006 Promotions

The game last night that was supposed to happen was postponed because of rain. It will be made up Sunday as part of a doubleheader beginning at 1pm.

On to the topic of promotions. Last year they were nonexistent. There would be nights when the game was the only promotion--this happened quite often. This year is much different. As far as I can tell, according to the BayBears schedule, there is at least some type of promotion slated for every home game. There have already been three fireworks nights (opening weekend), a Mardi Gras night, and College night. Now, I haven't been to either "theme" night, so I don't know how much they get into the promotion, but at least they're trying! Here is a list of some of the more bizarre and unique promotions of the 2006 season:

5/14/06----Mother's Day Celebration/Pink Jersey Night [They had a breast cancer awareness night last year at the Hank where they wore these pink jerseys. It was for a great cause, as the jerseys were auctioned off and all proceeds were donated to breast cancer awareness. However, on that night I heard an opposing player say "I've seen some ugly jerseys in my day, but that's gotta take the cake."]

5/26/06----Fireworks/Tribute to 80's Music Night [I am already there.]

5/31/06----Old Cop Show Night

6/9/06----Fireworks/Disco Mania

6/19/06----Redneck Night

7/12/06----Big Hair 80's Night [I've got the fro ready to go]

8/7/06----Awful Night [???]

8/26/06----10 Year All-Star Poster Giveaway

And here we go...the granddaddy of all 2006 Mobile BayBears promotions....
7/15/06----Plunger Giveaway (1st 1000 fans 14+)

See you at the Hank.

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